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Apr 04

Conserving Electricity in the Summer Months

When the summer months arrive, most people are pulling their air conditioners out of the basement and propping them back into the window for cool air. Air conditioners can truly run up the electricity bill, but they are considered a necessity, especially if you would like to avoid sweating all day and night. However, there …

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Nov 14

Green Living Tips for College Students

When some people talk about college students, they envision young men and women wearing jeans and a t-shirt, with a book in one hand and a team pennant in the other. They probably imagine college students are concerned with nothing more than whether or not they’ll pass the next test. But quite a few college …

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May 09

15 No-Brainer Ideas for an Energy Efficient Home

This is a guest post by John Smith. Take it away, John. Several appliances in our homes use energy. The biggest culprit of all is the heating and cooling system. Then, follow other electrical and electronic appliances: lights, fans, inverters, and kitchen appliances. Here are 15 great tips on how you can make your house …

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May 02

How to Make Non-Toxic Pest Repellents

The following is a guest post from Baily Harris. Please direct your attention: Growing a garden is definitely hard work. There are various steps in the process including planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting. After the planting, you may immediately be faced with the major issue of garden pests. Pests come in many forms, but have …

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Mar 28

Not Clowning Around: The Ronald McDonald Solar House

This is a guest post by Gary H., who has a paralegal certification and enjoys taking online classes about science and politics. While the name Ronald McDonald will forever be associated with the fast-food chain’s mascot, Ronald McDonald House, a charity that provides housing for families whose children are in hospitals at 298 locations in …

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Mar 14

Is Your Lifestyle Truly Sustainable?

This is a guest post by Jack Reed. Do you often have expensive dinners with your friends? Do you have a fetish for costly and branded outfits? Do you never keep track of the money you spend? If the answers to all the above questions are yes then you have reasons to worry because you …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year & Three Big Changes

This is a video update post.  If you are reading via email or feed reader and cannot see the video, please click here to go to the site to view it. Happy New Years everyone! Party harty! This is another video update discussing some changes going on around Frugally Green for 2010.  I like doing …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas Frugally Green Style

This is a video update post.  If you are reading via email or feed reader and cannot see the video, please click here to go to the site to view it. Merry Christmas, all!  This is just a quick video salutation (less than 1 min.) to say: Merry Christmas, duh! Presents are cool, but people …

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