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DIY Greenhouse


DIY Green House



There is no better way to save money, help the environment and improve your health than and lifestyle by growing your own organic veggies in your back yard.

 The initial expenses in starting are garden are small in comparison with the savings you can make especially if you are willing to scrounge and recycle.

I love gardening. I have always had a few veggies growing in pots or in containers on windows sills. It’s a wonderful feeling to watch your plants grow and then enjoy the produce they supply. I always boast at family gatherings when the salad or veggies I bring have been home-grown


A few weeks ago my Dad gave me some old pine boards to make a raised garden bed, so I got to it and screwed them all together. The boards I used were free but you will be surprised what you can find if you scrounge around. I find the rubbish pile at building sites quite useful (make sure you ask permission from the site manager before taking any thing)

I then had to buy soil from a garden center I wanted the best so I ordered an organic veggie soil base with some organic fertilizer mixed through, but this is not essential you can use whatever soil you have available in your back yard just try to make sure the area you are using it from has been kept free from chemicals.


Screws$ 1.20

Boards free

Soil $70.00

I planted a few veggies but it is still very early spring here and I wanted to get a head start on the summer veggies so I decided to have a go at making the garden bed a removable greenhouse type dome to place over the top.

I decided to make the Greenhouse removable because I will not need it come summer time and I figure if I remove the  plastic I can use the underlying dome structure of the greenhouse to hang bird netting to keep the birds out.

So first thing I did was rummage through the shed and had a look for what i could reuse or recycle in this project. I already had some irrigation pipe that I brought a few years ago when I was going to put in a fish pond, I also had a packet and a half of sprinkler spikes and a few pieces of wood. But if I had to buy these items from a hardware store they wouldn’t be expensive


Pipe $7.00 per roll

Sprinkler spikes $6.00 per packet

Timber $ 2.50 per length


Using a saw drill piece I drilled 5 evenly spaced holes on each side of the raised garden bed


 Using a pair of pliers and wire snips I cut the sprinkler spikes down so they would fit in the holes and then hammered them into place


I cut the irrigation pipe into 5 equal lengths and pushed them over the spikes this caused a snug fit and held them in place which makes the domed shape of the greenhouse.

I then cut the lengths of timber down to the right size and cut a spike on one end and a drilled a hole in the other end and hammered them in place at either end of the raised garden bed

I had to buy some conduit and cable ties and some good quality all-purpose outdoor tape to put across the top of the dome. I had wanted to use the irrigation pipe to save some money but it was to bendy.


Conduit 3 lengths $9.85

Cable ties 25pk $3.60

Tape $12.00

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI put the conduit in each end of the poles and taped it in firm Then I used cable ties to tie the conduit to the irrigation pipe making sure that each of the p[ipes were equal distance apart. This made the structure for the greenhouse much more stable.

Next I had to buy the plastic to go over the top. I just used ordinary clear builders plastic


Plastic $25.00 for 15mx5m

The plastic wasn’t wide enough for what I needed so I had to cut it and tape it together to make it wider I also taped the extra conduit on each of thelengthways sides of the plastic to give it some weight and help it hang and lift easier.


On each of the ends of the greenhouse dome I cut some plastic in a semi-circle shape  and taped it down using the outdoor tape I also stapled the base to the inside of the garden bed to keep it in place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI pulled the plastic over the top of the greenhouse and I wanted to use some bull dog clips to hold all the plastic down and in place but I couldn’t find any large enough, instead I found these tiny little clamps in the bottom of my tool box so I have used them instead

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And Ta Da…  The finished product my very own DIY Greenhouse.

The final cost was $135.15 if I had paid for every thing in my opinion a small price to pay for year long organic vegetables.



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  1. Claire

    Wow that looks easy gonna give it a try

  2. Casey

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  3. Shay

    Hey Michael,
    Great idea you have shared here. Organic hygenic veggies grown in such home-made green house keep us healthy and fit and more than that we will keep away from doctors and save money!!!
    How much time it will take to complete?

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