Oct 23

Eco-Links: New Computer Edition

This is the first Friday edition of Frugally Green where I’ll update on things going on with the site and point you to other resources around the web that can help you on your quest to become the frugal environmentalist that you aspire to be!  My plan is to make this a weekly occurrence.

imacOn Wednesday, I promised that I would finally update you all on my computer fiasco.  Nearly two months ago, I came to you begging for help on what to do about my ailing PC.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  I was afraid I wouldn’t get any responses.  I was wrong.  I got lots of great tips and encouragement that spanned an array of opinions.  I want to thank you all so much for your help.

Just over a week ago, I finally received my new (to me) Macbook Pro.  This decision was the result of a lot of thought about how I want (and should) use a computer.  Ultimately, I decided that portability was an important priority that I simply hadn’t considered before. I settled on an Apple machine because I wanted to continue to use the recording software that I’m comfortable with. So, I ended up with a refurbished Macbook and couldn’t be happier.  It didn’t hurt that Apple (accidentally?) shipped me a model with more memory than I had paid for.  Bonus!  I’ll be wearing my palm marks into it for the next decade at which point I’ll ask you for your next suggestion.

Now, I have just a few more hours of work to do on the ol’ desktop that was once my workhorse PC and then it’s off to Free Geek where it will hopefully become a usable machine for someone that really needs it.  Thanks again to everyone that helped me in getting to this decision.

Now, on to the cool stuff going on around the blogosphere:

Heather at The Greenest Dollar reveals a whole bunch of Extraordinary uses for Ordinary Things.  She tells of  set of jelly jars that she converted to candle holders and argues that the things we find valuable in life are those that we give a history to.  If we continuously throw out the old for the new, we rob ourselves the value that comes with caring for an object over a long period of time. Heather goes on to describe a whole bunch of new uses for old objects that she gleaned from a book she read.  I found the sentiment behind her words very moving.

Earth Friendly Holiday Season Tips is a nice little resource for people looking to green up the gift-giving season from Michael over at Green Living Tips (Yes, I know it’s not even Halloween yet!).  There are all kinds of practical ideas from buying rechargeable batteries for gifts to ditching “things” altogether and giving experience based gifts like event tickets instead.  I also really liked the idea of making charitable donations in the names of others, as well.  Christmas is a time when many of us realize that we have so much more than we need and even want.  There are still so many people out there that do not have their basic needs met; I think I’ll be fine without an extra present under the tree this year.

Finally, Aldra at Consciously Frugal wrote a hilarious bit about working class foodies. Aldra always gets me with her wit and I found myself intrigued as I read about the idea of food television for regular people that don’t have spotless kitchens, $10,000 cooking sets, or a make-up and lighting crew.  I am assuming that fits Frugally Green’s demographic pretty well.  If you have a make-up and lighting crew, please identify yourself so that I can contact you about some PR work.

And here are some blog carnivals that Frugally Green is pleased to be a part of this week. Check them out to really work out your learning muscle:

The ever popular Best of Money Carnival was put on by the Canadian Finance Blog (I was the #1 pick this week!)

The Carnival of 20-Something Finances was graciously hosted by The Amateur Financier

Over at Reduce Your CO2 you can read the 199th Carnival of the Green

Green Panda Treehouse hosted the Money Hacks Carnival #87

The 200th Festival of Frugality was put on this week by the lovely Miss Thrifty

You can find the Carnival of Home Improvement over at LEAD Construction

Simply Forties was kind enough to host the Carnival of Money Stories


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  1. Financial Samurai

    Hey Tyler – I saw your post on GRS. Just wanted to say HELLO! I share your dream of being retired by 40 as well.

    I’ve put up my “Freedom Fund” cash goal tracker to hopefully get to $1million cash in 8 years (40 years old).

    Hope to develop a relationship with you and follow along!

    See you over at FS one day.

  2. Michael Thomas

    Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. Quite ambitious goals you’ve got; I look forward to seeing your progress. I hope you’re considering your environmental impact along the way. :)

  3. Beth @ Smart Family Tips

    Hi Tyler,

    I’m glad to hear you got Macbook Pro. I have a PC laptop (I’ve always had PCs), but once this one dies, I’m seriously thinking about getting my first Mac. I’d love to hear more about how you like your new Macbook.

  4. ConsciouslyFrugal (aka Aldra)

    Thanks for the shout out, my brotha! And (as usual) for providing so many useful goodies.

    Don’t you just love those Working Class Foodie folks?

    Congrats on the fancy new Macbook. Can’t wait to see what frugally green magic you’ll weave with it!

  5. Michael Thomas


    I’m enjoying it quite a bit. This is actually my first (non-work provided) laptop. It’s been really nice to be able to free myself from a single location while writing. OSX’s spotlight is really nice as I can keep my desktop completely free of clutter and quickly find anything I’m looking for. All said, though, it’s just a tool and there are different strokes for different folks. You can be just as happy or unhappy with any PC or Mac!


    Thanks for stopping by and for pointing me to Working Class Foodies. Keep up the great work. I always laugh when I read your posts.

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