Sep 16

Finding the Perfect Eco-Friendly Automobile

The automotive industry is one of innovation and creativity which has transcended into the ever-growing movement towards alternative energy.  Many individuals are now looking for automobiles that promote a green environment rather than settling for the traditional, petroleum based vehicles.  The problem that arises is that while many people want to contribute to a cleaner environment, the litany of options available can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

In order to help consumers solve this problem, FindTheBest has designed a new platform which allows users to find and compare the most fuel efficient vehicles based on vehicle class, engine size, miles per gallon (MPG), fuel type, green vehicle rating, and more. With nearly 2,500 different cars to compare, you’re bound to find a green automobile that meets your specific needs and desires, without the hassle of traveling from dealership to dealership trying to locate a particular car.

Looking for a small car with a combined MPG greater than 80 and powered by an electric battery?  Need a specific make or model that can fit an entire family?  Simply set the filters accordingly and let the tool display all the options available.

The days of polluting the environment by driving huge trucks and SUV’s are hopefully fading, and tools like this help to both educate and perpetuate the green lifestyle.  With so many incentives at both the state and federal level, the idea of owning an eco-friendly automobile is becoming more and more a reality.  Insurance companies are now offering affordable plans that incorporate a discount on the premium you pay due to the fact that purchasing an environmentally-friendly car conveys a dependable image in the eyes of insurance companies; therefore, reducing the probability of settling accident claims.

Next time you’re considering purchasing a new car, be sure to take the time to research automobiles that not only add value to your personal life, but also add value to the world around us.

Michael Bracy is a Business Development Associate for FindTheBest, a comparative search engine that compares a variety of green products from Energy Star refrigerators to photovoltaic solar panels.