Jan 24

How to Make Green Choices in the Grocery Store

This is a guest post by Bailey Harris from the Health Insurance Blog.

Making green choices in the grocery store is a great way to help protect out planet. Here are a few things you can do to make grocery shopping more eco-friendly.

Make a List

Before you go grocery shopping, take time to plan your meals. By planning ahead, you can make a shopping list. The list will help you buy only the items you need. Buying more than you need often leads to more wasted foods and packaging. Making a list will also help you remember all of the items you need to buy, preventing you from making multiple trips to the store. You’ll save time and reduce the amount of fuel used. This small action is very green indeed!

Buy Fresh Produce

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables reduces wasteful packaging. Bring your own plastic bags from home to bag your produce before using the bags on hand at the store. Try to buy locally produced fruits and veggies. A large amount of fuel is used to transport produce to all of our grocery stores. Buying locally produced foods supports your local farmers as well as decreases fuel costs.

Look for Foods with Less Packaging

While shopping, look for foods that have very little or no packaging. The less packaging, the greener the choice! Also, buy foods that are packaged in bulk instead of foods that are individually packaged. For example, buy one large container of yogurt instead of 6 individual single-serving cartons. This helps eliminate excess waste in our landfills.

Recyclable Packaging

When making your selections at the store, look for foods sold in recyclable packaging or containers. Try to buy foods packaged in cardboard versus foods packaged in foam, egg cartons for example.

The Health and Beauty Aisle

When shopping in the health and beauty aisle, there are a couple of things you should look for. When selecting a deodorant, buy a stick or roll-on deodorant. Spray deodorants are harmful to the ozone layer of our atmosphere. The same goes for hairsprays. Buy spritz hairsprays instead of aerosol sprays; they’re much better for our environment.

The Cleaning Aisle

Green cleaning products are much easier to find these days. If you are unable to find one that you like, look for products that are bleach and phosphate-free. Bleach and phosphates are known to be hazardous to our ground water. You should also consider making your own planet-friendly cleaning products. You can find the ingredients right in the super-market. Baking soda, lemons, lemon juice, and white vinegar are essential if you decide to make your own cleaning products.

Bring Your Own Bags

Remember to bring your own bags when you go grocery shopping. You can buy nice cloth or canvas bags that are very durable, or you can bring back the bags you accumulated from previous shopping trips. If you have a choice, choose paper over plastic. Paper bags are much easier to recycle.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to make your shopping experience more eco-friendly. A few simple changes can make a big difference! In the long run, your actions may help preserve our precious resources for future generations.

This was a guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes for the Health Insurance Blog.