May 16

The Wonderful World of Tea: How to Treat Acne Using Green Tea

This is a guest post by Jean Lam who is a health and fitness enthusiast. During his spare time, he enjoys exercising and writing articles on body building, weight loss,  how to get rid of acne and skin care natural home remedies.

Black asian teapot with mint tea

Many people, particularly in Asian countries, love drinking green tea. One major benefit of green tea is its richness in antioxidants like the salubrious polyphenols notably catechins where epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG) is the most plentiful. EGCG is also known as a flavonoid. Other antioxidants include carotenoids and tocopherols. Antioxidants are basically phytochemicals which can protect our cells from free radicals damage.

Green tea is one of the most popular health drinks on earth for good reasons. Green tea has been linked to many health benefits including but not limited to:

(1) Inducing fat loss and weight loss.
(2) Increasing metabolism.
(3) Lowering high blood pressure.
(4) Preventing cancer.
(5) Reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
(6) Detoxifying the body.
(7) Healing acne.

In this article, am going to focus on the last benefit which is curing acne. As surprising as this might sound, green tea can indeed help in healing acne. Actually, you can use green tea in two ways to achieve your goal. Here is how to use green tea for acne.


Acne facial care teenager woman squeezing pimple


Internal Treatment

Green tea can be used as an internal treatment for acne. If you enjoy drinking green tea, this wouldn’t be a problem. Enjoying something while using it as a treatment will make you more motivated to achieve your goal. Drinking green tea on a regular basis will detoxify your body and this will result in shrinking acne as the latter has a lot to do with toxins in our blood.

Consume 2-3 cups of green tea everyday for 2-3 weeks and you’ll notice that your acne gradually disappears. The good thing with green tea is you don’t necessarily need to use it as a treatment for any specific amount of time. You can just include it as part of your diet and reap long lasting benefits.

External Treatment

Another amazing way to use green tea for acne is as a skin care therapy. During my teenage years, this is the remedy I used to treat oily skin and eventually get rid of acne. Excess sebum is what most teenagers encounter during their puberty and is one of the major causes of acne.

To use green tea as a skin care therapy for acne, you’ll need some dried green tea leaves. Boil them in some water and let it cool down till warm. By using a clean cloth, apply the warm green tea on your face or any other areas where you have acne. Tap gently and constantly for 15-20 minutes. Green tea will cleanse your pores from excess oil and dry up your acne. The powerful antioxidants of green tea have a healing effect. Follow this therapy for 2-3 weeks and you’ll start noticing your acne shrink. Once your acne starts curing, it will start itching and this is a good sign that it’s healing. Don’t scratch as you’ll hamper your initial efforts.

If you have acne, start using green tea as it’s a natural treatment without any side effects and it’s not expensive. Patience is required but it’s really worth it.